Individual or Group Training

Initial Consultation

90 Minutes $90
In this first session we analyse your posture and gait to identify your dysfunctions. Next we will compare these to those of high level athletes. Then we will begin to develop a plan to affect structural change, beginning with some basic principles of body awareness and movement.

Subsequent Private Training

60 Minutes $60
The first priority is to eliminate the root cause of pain by addressing muscular imbalances. Following the plan established in the initial consult, we will continue to improve your movement patterns and body structure. This is where Functional Patterns comes into its own. There are no plateaus, as there is always another variable to account for. It never gets easier, but it gets better. As you create new mind body connections, you will discover (or rediscover) the joy of movement.

Group Training

Group Training (60 Minutes) Price on Request
Learn the basics of movement and self myofascial release in a supervised group environment. The focus here is on self experience more than directed action. This can be a great way to get a sense of how Functional Patterns is different from other systems, at a reduced cost.