Matthew Tarlinton - personal trainer

Having studied Engineering and worked in the trade as an Electrician and a Steel Rigger, I was accustomed to applied physics and the process of natural law. Additionally, performing rigorous and repetitive manual labour had caused my own set of disfunctions and accompanying pain.


Through the concepts I learned in the 10 Week Online Course, I was able to resolve the majority of my own pain. What began as a healthy skepticism turned into a thirst for knowledge. I sought out a practictioner and began following the protocol set out by Naudi Aguilar, CEO of Functional Patterns.

As a result of this, my body is improving with age and I am moving better than ever. I began this journey with constant lower back pain and little understanding of what good movement felt like. Now I am able to play sport or work hard without experiencing pain and am getting to the source of my dysfunctions.

Human movement is a complicated task, even for a seemingly simple action, such as walking. In my previous training programs, I was ignorant of how the body operates. Like all endeavors, there is a right and a wrong way to do something, and the right way respects physics. Since learning the principles laid out in FP, I am now able to understand what correct movement is. Additionally, I can observe and mimic how other people move with an awareness of how it should feel.


Self education is a critical component of correcting biomechanics. If I could pass on one lesson to prospective clients it would be this. Watching professional athletes move in slow motion will gradually imprint the patterns into the nervous system. The best results come from those who understand what they’re trying to achieve. Its for this reason I am passionate about educating my clients as well as training them.

I am looking forward to continuing to grow towards my genetic potential and wish for others to experience the same.